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Sizakala Wellness Counsellors





Most of the times people are not aware of the body's need to breathe or rest, we soldier on despite tell tale signs of pressure or stress. we get wrapped up in adulthood (work, family,life pressures) that we at times forget to breathe and care for ourselves. At Sizakala Wellness Counsellors we believe that for one to perform at their best, be it in their jobs or lives in general they need to be self aware and practise self care.

Our Employee support programme is designed to provide and support healthy behaviours, a healthy environment and improve ones mental health. At Tumelo home we provide psychosocial support services in the form of emotional support and psycho-educational counselling services.Our programme aims to provide care givers with coping strategies for their work place and life stressors, so as to create a healthier and conducive environment for both the children and employees at the home.


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