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  Welcome to Sizakala Wellness Counsellors

Working Towards a Brighter Future

Sizakala Wellness Counsellors (S.W.C) is a Non Profit Organisation run by qualified mental health practitioners. We aim to provide psychological well-being and emancipate individuals within their respective communities. We focus on the psychological development and empowerment of youths,specifically those in disadvantaged communities.



The term psychosocial accentuates a close connection between the psychological aspects of our experience (e.g., our thoughts, emotions, and behavior) and our wider social experience (e.g., our relationships, traditions and culture). Mental disorders, which often benefit from clinical treatment, tend to involve severe psychosocial difficulties in managing thoughts and feelings, maintaining relationships, and functioning in expected social roles. However, many psychosocial problems do not require clinical treatment but are rooted in stigmatisation, lost hope, chronic poverty, as well as issues relating to physical and sexual abuse, the inability to meet basic needs, and inability to fill normal social roles.


As a result, our main objective at S.W.C is to help individuals improve and maintain psychosocial well-being by providing them with a supportive environment and access to quality psychological services; which will enable them to better cope with challenges through the use of appropriate life skills. Also, as an organisation we hope to foster an environment of collaboration that endorses resilience amongst individuals and communities, thereby making social change a possibility.


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